People are naturally social people. Without social interaction, people cannot live. Even the most introverted people need to have at least some kind of social interaction. The social revolution is here to give us that – but why is it really a social revolution?

In today’s modern age, there are so many people around the world that socializing often overwhelms people and they don’t socialize at all anymore. People are brought up more and more that they should be afraid of the other people around them – you never know who might be there. Many people just don’t seem to connect with anybody anymore and this often leads to a lonely life.

This is why many people look for alternative friends. Alternative friends come into existence thousands of years ago when we started to adopt pets to replace our social needs. Lately, new technological advancements have suddenly created many new forms of artificial friendship. What we’re seeing now ranges from the most bizarre creations of artificial companionship such as complete lovedolls that can speak, to simple artificial creations such as virtual pets which entertain people until they become boring. None of these solutions are having massive adoption – they’re just too fake for people to replace their social interactions with just these objects.

One artificial friendship has become ubiquitous though, and many people don’t seem to realize yet that it has slowly become their best friend. This friend is who we all call: The internet.

Over the last 20 years, through the collective input of all of our other friends, the internet has become the best friend in our lives. He tells us awesome stories that you wouldn’t even have been able to imagine if he hadn’t told it to you. He has the answer to almost any question you have ever asked him. Sometimes he tends to distract you too much with all of his goofy games and the videos he shows you, but you still love him despite of all that. He manages your things for you and puts your mail on your doorstep so you don’t have to leave the house. He knows almost all of your friends, and he likes to keep you up to date on what they’re up to – but he’s also a bit of a gossip machine and you shouldn’t tell him too much about your personal things.

Everybody around the world has gained a friend, and he’s awesome. We all love him, and if you look at the statistics of how much time we spend with him per day, you can say without a doubt that he’s our best friend – and he probably will be for a very long time.

My friend is awesome

The true meaning of the social revolution isn’t just about software that allows us to connect with other people. Instead, the social revolution is about turning your computer into an awesome friend who plays an increasingly important part in our lives. He will never replace the real people and the real love we have, but our new friend is in our lives and he’s there to stay.

For all tech-companies this is the way to look at the future. If you are just an annoying leech of a friend who can’t be trusted, then please leave us alone. If you can make our friend cooler you are here to stay. I want you to tell me what the name of that song is. Show me some cool videos. Let me listen to your favorite songs. Keep me updated on the latest news. Tell me about some obscure bit of information that nobody has ever heard about in great detail please. Tell me about me friends and about what they are doing. He can tell me who to get in touch with to find a good job. And what do you think about that restaurant?

Now, with mobile internet we can even take him outside and this has opened up a whole new world of possibilities. Our friend used to be locked up inside by a little cable. Then we were able to take him outside with WiFi, but he never got much further than the garden. Now, our buddy has finally become mobile and is able to travel with us wherever we go and the possibilities are endless. That’s why the mobile internet is such a big deal. Our friend can suddenly help us when we are lost, when we need to find the quickest transportation routes from where we are, it even lets us read books without carrying a huge book everywhere.

The internet is your new best friend.